How Do I Connect?

Rutgers wireless is available in many community spaces, dorms, and departmental buildings on all three University campuses. Rutgers offers two wireless networks for students, faculty, staff and guests; RUWireless and RUWireless Secure. Rutgers also offers eduroam as an alternative for guests who are affiliated with other eduroam member universities.


RUWireless is quick and easy as there's no setup involved, but you need to log in each time you connect. To use RUWireless just connect to the network called "RUWireless", open a browser, type in a website such as or and you should be redirected to the RUWireless login page. Once you've logged in, you're good to go!


RUWireless Secure requires a one-time setup before you can connect to the network but is generally more stable, all data sent is encrypted (making it safer to use), and will automatically connect without needing to log in every time. To configure your computer for RUWireless Secure first you'll need to connect to RUWireless and go to the login page. Once you're there, select "Configure me for RUWireless Secure" and follow the setup instructions for your device. Once the setup is complete, your computer will be able to join the RUWireless_Secure network and you'll have instantaneous access. Once you're set up RUWireless Secure, your computer will automatically connect to RUWireless_Secure any time it's in range, so you don't need to worry about it! If you're having trouble setting up RUWireless Secure on a specific device, just check out FAQ for detailed setup instructions.


If you are a faculty or staff member with a guest that doesn't have a NetID and password but still needs wireless access, you can give them a temporary account using the RUWireless Guest Account Management System (or RGAMS for short). RGAMS allows you to give your guest wireless access so you don't need to log into their computer for them. To access the RGAMS system, click here (


For more information on RUWireless, RUWireless Secure, or eduroam, follow the links below: