Rutgers RUWireless

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RUWireless provides the Rutgers University community with wireless network access in many areas of all three Rutgers University campuses. All the University students, faculty, staff, as well as sponsored guests, are able to use the RUWireless system in the many community spaces, dorms, and departmental buildings where it is available. Separate registration is not required, only a valid NetID and password or a RUWireless Guest Account is needed for access.

Available Wireless Services

RUWireless is the open wireless network that only encrypts your login credentials (NetID and password).  All other data is unencrypted.  RUWireless is used for:

  • Onboarding – initially connecting and configuring RUWireless Secure
  • Unencrypted wireless access for sponsored Rutgers guests (with guest credentials)
  • Unencrypted wireless for general guest access.

RUWireless Secure is the preferred encrypted wireless network.  It requires an initial one-time configuration per device and then allows those devices to automatically connect to the secure wireless network for all future connectivity.  RUWireless Secure is available anywhere RUWireless is broadcast.

RUHealthSciences provides secure wireless access to RBHS resources for RBHS faculty, staff and students.

eduroam® (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.  This service allows all Rutgers University faculty, staff, and students to take advantage of free and secure wireless service when visiting an eduroam member university, and allows visitors from member universities wireless access when visiting Rutgers.