Getting Connected to RUWireless

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        RUWireless provides the Rutgers University community with wireless network access in many areas of all three Rutgers University campuses. All Rutgers University students, staff, faculty, as well as sponsored guests, are able to use the RUWireless system in the many community spaces, dorms, and departmental buildings where it is available. Separate registration is not required, only a valid NetID and password or a RUWireless Guest Account is needed for access.

Where is it available?

        RUWireless is available in all student centers and dining halls, most libraries, dorms, and many academic and administrative buildings across the University. To see if a specific area has coverage, click 'Coverage Areas' map in the Quick Links table to the right. As new areas are added the coverage area pages will be updated, so check back periodically.

How do I connect?

        RUWireless directly supports the operating systems listed below; users of alternate operating systems are welcome to configure and connect themselves, but such access is considered unsupported.

Quick Connection Steps:

  1. Associate to the wireless network named: RUWireless
  2. After you have associated to RUWireless open your web browser and go to a non https website or click here.
  3. Click the "Take me to the RUWireless Login" button.
  4. Enter your Netid and password then click the "Login" button.

* Do not associate to RUWireless_Secure unless you are configured to use RUWireless_Secure. To configure your device for RUWireless_Secure click here

Step-by-step RUWireless instructions for:

  Windows XP  
  Windows Vista / 7  
  Mac OS X (10.2+)  

How do I print?

        Users of RUWireless are able to print to campus computer labs. This process requires a one-time software installation. Once installed, the user can print directly to any* campus lab and pick up the printed document using the standard procedure of swiping his or her ID card at the print release station. Guests are not permitted to print from RUWireless.

Instructions for: Windows (XP/Vista/7) or Macintosh (10.3-10.9).

64-bit versions of Windows 7 is now supported

* Printing is available to any general-access computing lab operated by Campus Computing Facilities. Other departmental labs otherwise not operated by CCF are not a supported destination for printouts.

Policies and Guidelines

        Use of RUWireless is governed by the Rutgers Acceptable Use Policy, policies specific to Office of Information Technology systems and the RUWireless Virus and Bandwidth Guidelines. By using our networks you agree to follow these policies and be responsible for any failure to do so. It is solely the user's responsibility to familiarize themselves with and adhere to the policies that are linked below.

Support and Feedback

For initial help in connecting to RUWireless please follow the step-by-step connection instructions and view our Frequently Asked Questions. For additional assistance, contact your campus's Help Desk by phone or walk-in. Users are also encouraged to email your campus's helpdesk for comments, complaints or suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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