RUWireless Secure Windows Setup

Connect to RUWireless


From the network selection screen, connect to the SSID "RUWireless"

Setup RUWireless Secure

Select the "I have a NetID and Password" button.

Download the SecureW2 application

This will redirect you to your campus's RUWireless Secure Installer. Select the proper operating system for your system. Once done, select the "JoinNow" button.

Run the SecureW2 application

Once the Installer is downloaded, click on the "Run" button. 

Enter your Rutgers University Netid and Password

As the installer progresses, you will be prompted to enter your NetID and password.

Wait for the installer to connect and authenticate

After entering your information, the installer will attempt to connect to RUWireless Secure using your supplied credentials.

Install RUWireless Print Drivers

After the installer connects your computer to RUWireless Secure, it will ask you if you want to install the print driver. the print driver allows you to print documents from your computer (while connected to RUWireless) to a majority of the printers in the computer labs. If you wish to install the driver, please select "Next," otherwise, select "Skip."


At the end of the install process, this screen should appear. At this point, your computer should be configured to connect to RUWireless Secure.