RUWireless Secure Linux Setup

For systems with Network-Manager installed (if you have a WiFi icon on your Linux system you likely have Network-Manager installed).

  1. Download the certificate from the page below, which we will use to setup to ensure you only connect to legitimate RUWireless Secure networks.
  2. Click on the WiFi network icon on your system and select Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi Network
  3. In network name write "RUWireless Secure" and for Wi-Fi security select "WPA & WPA2 Enterprise"
  4. The window will then expand, please fill in the following fields as described below:
    Authentication: Tunneled TLS
    Anonymous identity: Leave this field blank.
    CA certificate: Select the previously downloaded certificate from the first step.
    Inner authentication: PAP
    Username: NetID
    Password: NetID Password
  5. Then click connect, you should be able to connect without issue anytime RUWireless Secure is within range.

For systems without Network-Manager installed or if you encounter any errors in the above steps, please contact the OIT Help Desk.