RUWireless Secure iOS Setup

Connect to RUWireless Open

Open your WiFi settings and select RUWireless from the list of available wireless networks.


to RUWireless

Select "I have a NetID and password" This will redirect you to your campus's RUWireless Secure Installer. 


Download the RUWireless Secure profile


Once there, select the "JoinNow" button.


Install the RUWireless Secure profile

After tapping "JoinNow," the profile installation screen should appear. Please tap "Install" to continue.


Install the RUWireless Secure Certificate

When this message pops up, please tap "Install Now" to continue.


RUWireless Secure profile installed

At this point the profile should be installed. Tap "Done."


Connect to RUWireless Secure

Go back to your WiFi settings and select "RUWireless Secure" from the list.


Enter your Rutgers University Netid and Password

After selecting "RUWireless Secure," you will be prompted to type in your NetID and password. After supplying your credentials, tap "Join."


Installation complete!

Once you see the checkmark, the setup process is complete and you can browse the internet via RUWireless Secure.

Common Issues

  1. If you see this popup while trying to connect to RUWireless Secure you have either entered the wrong username or password You must run through the setup process again.
  2. If you are not prompted for a Username and Password after selecting RUWireless Secure
    You must turn off WI-FI then turn it back on and select RUWireless Secure from the list of available wireless networks.