New RUWireless Guest Network

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 14:40 -- lambos
On Tuesday, May 23rd, Rutgers OIT will be rolling out some changes to the wireless network. These changes affect guests who do not have a NetID and current Rutgers affiliates who are still using the open RUWireless network instead of RUWireless Secure. Anyone who is currently configured for RUWireless Secure will be unaffected by this update.
  • A new unauthenticated wireless guest network will be replacing the existing RUWireless open network. Guests will be able to join the network by reviewing and agreeing to an acceptable use policy, with no account required. Rutgers affiliates (such as students, faculty, staff, or guests who have been granted NetIDs) who connect to the guest network will be prompted to set up their devices for RUWireless Secure, since internal Rutgers services will NOT be available from the guest network. For additional information about the new guest network, check out the new RUWireless page:
  • As some Rutgers affiliates may run into issues transitioning to RUWireless Secure, the old RUWireless network will remain in place until July under the SSID "RUWireless_Legacy". Any users who connect to the RUWireless_Legacy network will see a notice stating that the RUWireless_Legacy service will be decommissioned over the summer and that they should configure their devices for RUWireless_Secure to ensure they do not experience any disruption.