Installing RUWireless Printer on OSX

Installing the RUWireless printer on a Macintosh

In order to print to one of the many public CCF Computer Labs, you must first install the RUWireless Printer.

If you have the old print driver installed click here to remove it before you install the new one.
Uninstall Print Driver MAC

New Brunswick: Click here to download the RUWireless Printer Installer
Newark: See Newark's page on Printing at RU-N
Camden: Click here to download the RUWireless Printer Installer


  • Supported on Mac 10.10+; limited support available for 10.6-10.9. Older versions not supported.
  • You must have administrator rights to install the printer on your Mac.
  • 10.8+ USERS depending on your Mac's security settings you may need to override the default setting of only allowing applications to be installed through the App store. You can do this by holding control, clicking the installer and select open.
  • OS X 10.11 (EL CAPITAN) USERS may experience an error when trying to install the RUWireless Pharos Popup Client. This error is primarily caused by a security change that Apple has put in place. The best way to resolve this issue is to make sure both 'Automatically check for updates' and 'Install system data files and security updates' boxes are checked in the App Store pane of the System Preferences application. Once you have these checked please run a system update before attempting to install the RUWireless Pharos Popup Client.

Once the installer has been downloaded, find and doubleclick on the file to begin the installation. (The installer may start automatically) NOTE: You must stay on the wireless network for the duration of the installation.

Click the "Continue" button to start.


Next, read through the documentation and when you are done click "Continue".


After this you can either choose an installation location or use the default location. After you are done with choosing the location press "Install"


After the installer is finished, click the "Close" button.

IMPORTANT: You must reboot your computer to complete the installation.

After rebooting, go into your Print & Fax Preferences. You should have a new printer named "RUWireless"

At this point, you're ready to print! In order to print to the CCF Lab printers, you must be connected to RUWireless. You can print any black and white document you would normally print in the Computer Lab. Make sure you select the "RUWireless" printer.

After you click the "Print button" another box will pop up on your screen will let you know if your print was succesful or not. NOTE: Your document will not be printed until you release the job from a Pharos Release Station in the lab.