Device Setup for Windows Vista/7

Connecting to RUWireless using Microsoft Windows Vista / 7

Before you can connect your computer needs a properly installed wireless card. The actual installation of the card is outside the scope of this document, but we recommend following the instructions that came with the card.

If your device is set up for other wireless networks, you should record all settings before changing them for RUWireless so they may be restored for later use.



Open the Control Panel

Click on the Start button in the lower left and select Control Panel.





Open the Connect to the Internet link

Click on the Connect to the Internet link under Network and Internet. If Connect to the Internet is not one of the options click View network status and tasks. Click disconnect to the right of Connection, then choose Connect to a network and follow the remaining steps





Choose Wireless as connection type

Click on the Wireless icon.





Choose RUWireless from the list and click connect

If RUWireless is not listed click refresh.





Accept unsecured connection

Windows may warn you that RUWireless is an unsecure network with this dialog box. Click Connect Anyway.





You are connected to RUWireless

Click next until you see the above screen. You are ready to log in. Simply open a web browser and the login page will appear. For a demonstration on the log in page, click here.

If the login page does not display, also try these steps:



In the bottom right of your screen click the wireless icon

Click on Network and Sharing Center in the window that pops up.



Open Manage network connections






Open Wireless Network Connection




Open Properties




Select Protocol Version 4 then hit Properties







Select Protocol Version 4 then hit Properties

Ensure that Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically are set and click OK.