Device Setup for OSX

Connecting to RUWireless using Mac OSX

Apple laptops must have a wireless network card in order to function correctly on RUWireless.

If your device is set up for other wireless networks, you should record all settings before changing them for RUWireless so they may be restored for later use.

From the Apple menu, select "System Preferences..."

In the System Preferences window select the "Network" icon.

On the left hand side select Wi-Fi

From the "Network Name" drop drown select RUWireless

*Do not choose RUWireless_Secure unless you are configured for RUWireless_Secure. If you would like to configure your device click here

Next click "Advanced" in the bottom right hand corner of the network window and click on the "TCP/IP" tab. Make sure Configure IPv4: is selected as Using DHCP

At this point your computer is ready to use RUWireless without encryption. For a login demonstration please click here.